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Tracy's furious at Blanche for selling the house she promised to leave to her, but Blanche is adamant she's not going to be left to rot on an NHS waiting list. Blanche offers the Baldwins first refusal on the house. Danny thinks they should buy it but Frankie won't even entertain the idea. Roy puts his grandfather's invention design on the wall of the cafe and discusses it with Chesney. To Leanne's horror she realises that she's left one of her earrings in Mike's flat. Steve feigns disappointment when Tracy tells him about the house and pretends they'll buy another one instead. Tracy's delighted. Adam turns up at work with a hangover and "Haggis" written on his forehead in lipstick. Steve explains to Liz that he's going to continue to let Tracy think they've got a future together until he's got his name put on Amy's birth certificate and therefore has parental rights. Liz is disapproving. Danny's in Mike's flat searching for Leanne's earring. He finds it but Adam turns up. Danny lies saying Mike told him that he'd left a customer's file in the flat. Frankie and Chesney are bemused as Roy repeatedly opens and shuts the cafe door as if testing something. Bev sneaks into Shelley's bedroom. Shelley's furious and, insisting that Charlie's the only person who loves and understands her, she throws Bev out. Turning on Ciaran, Shelley blames him for letting Bev upstairs in the first place. Steve tells Tracy he'd like his name on Amy's birth certificate to prove his commitment. However this backfires on him when Tracy suggests they get married instead.


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