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Janice sets Sally up. She tells her that Danny wants her to run the factory for him while he's out. Sally believes her and parks herself in Danny's office. Shelley gets herself all dolled-up to go shopping with Violet. Charlie doesn't want to burst her bubble so keeps quiet about Bev. Roy admits to Hayley he's dreading his grandfather's funeral in case his father's there. He explains how his father never took any interest in him as a child. Adam's put out when Sally tells him that Danny's left her in charge of the factory. Charlie rows with Bev telling her to clear off back to Bradford for Shelley's sake but Bev's adamant that she's staying to protect her daughter. Shelley's shocked when she spots Bev and immediately her paranoia returns. Danny engineers an evening with Leanne on Friday by paying Jamie to take Adam out for the night. Ken and Deirdre are shocked to learn that Blanche's been rushed to hospital. She's slipped and fallen during line dancing with Lena Thistlewood. Blanche admits that she's had osteoarthritis in her hip for a couple of years, but was too vain to use a walking stick. When Danny returns he wants to know what Sally's doing at his desk. Thoroughly humiliated, Sally rushes past the factory girls. Shelley's furious at Charlie for keeping quiet about Bev. Sally tells Kevin that she's walked out of her job at the factory. Bev tries to phone Shelley but Shelley cracks and throws the phone in anger.


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