Annie goes to Derby. Jed nurses Minnie better and plans to leave for West Hartlepool tonight. Len tells Irma that unofficially the shop is in the clear. Irma is annoyed at the slowness of the council as it's costing her business. The Laundryer opens another branch. Hilda asks Elsie to put in a good word for her for a job. Elsie is sure that Harry Bishop is close to giving up. Jerry complains about carrying out his relationship in the shadows but Sheila thinks she has it worse. Jed gives Dennis a letter to give to Minnie after he leaves. The residents keep bothering Len with matters not under his purview. Elsie tells Hilda she's recommended her for the job but advises her to see the manager herself. Minnie decides to buy Jed a new cap. Jerry buys it for her and reminds Jed that it's Minnie's birthday tomorrow. He decides to throw a party at the Rovers for her and leave afterwards. Hilda goes to the Laundryer to find that the job has already gone. She thinks Elsie didn't put her forward. Elsie receives an anonymous phone call which repulses her but doesn't tell anyone. Dennis sees Det Con Bill Sharp in the Street and worries that he's there for Jed. He tries to warn him but Jed is busy rehearsing the residents in Happy Birthday and fails to notice Sharp entering the Rovers.


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