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Charlie insists that Shelley gets back behind the bar. Shelley's scared at the prospect. Maria and Tyrone fake a job offer at Granstons Garage in an attempt to get Kevin to appreciate him more but it backfires when Kevin finds out. Sunita's reading a baby and tots magazine. When Hayley asks what it is, Sunita covers pretending it's a magazine about sharks. Kevin agrees to fix Danny's car at a discounted rate if he'll persuade Sally to take the job of machinist at Underworld. When Liz tells Bev how Charlie tried it on with her, Bev's hatred of him's exacerbated. Dev shows Sunita round a family house but she's unimpressed, particularly as he didn't consult her first. Shelley tries to go back to work but can't handle it. Frightened, she runs back to the sanctuary of the bedroom, a paranoid self-imposed prisoner. Danny sweet-talks Sally into accepting the machinist's job at the factory. Tracy suggests to Steve that it's time she and Amy moved in with him. Sunita and Dev announce her pregnancy in the Rovers. Charlie keeps the news from Shelley but tells her that if she walks to the corner shop, Sunita's got some news. Shelley's terrified at the prospect of going outside.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Shelley appears behind the bar but is unable to work for more than a few minutes before seeking refuge in the back. Tracy suggests she and Amy move in with Steve; the Alahans announce their good news to the residents; Liz and Bev have a revealing talk about Charlie; and Sally is offered another job.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 10,180,000 viewers (3rd place).
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