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Bev reports Charlie to the police for hitting Shelley but she's frustrated when they say that they can do nothing unless Shelley reports the crime herself. Cilla and Yana take turns on the sunbed. Cilla asks Yana to be her matron of honour at the wedding. Yana's delighted. Tyrone pops back to No.9 during work hours to have sex with Maria. Sally starts work in the corner shop. Les enjoys taking the mickey. Shelley sobs in her bedroom and refuses to come out. Fred and Violet are very worried about her, thinking she's losing her sanity. In front of Deirdre, furious Bev tells Charlie that she's been to the police. Charlie lets slip that he did sleep with Bev but quickly covers-up. Dev tells Sunita that he wants her to take things easy now she's pregnant, but she's insistent she still wants to work and tells Sally that she's no longer required. Cilla insists she, Les and Yana go to the Clock restaurant. They upset the other diners and run up a huge bill. Yana's boyfriend doesn't turn up so she ends up drunk and upset. Charlie calls to see Shelley and blames her for everything. Shelley cries, her self-confidence in tatters. Charlie says that he'll give her one more chance. He orders her to show him how much she loves him and pushes her back on the bed.


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