Ciaran and Violet wonder whether Shelley's really got chickenpox. Ashley forgives Claire for giving the Battersbys the money. Cilla lies to Fiz and Chesney pretending that Claire only paid a small part of the vet's bill and she paid the rest. Chesney thinks that she's a great mum. Les feels guilty at Cilla's actions. Tyrone begs Jack to take Vera back to Formby so he and Maria can have the house to themselves. Under sufferance, Jack agrees. An old colleague of Ken's called Bob takes a shine to Liz. She arranges a date with him. Keith holds the ladder while Craig tries to fix Emily's guttering. The ladder slips and Craig pulls the guttering down on No.1, No.3 and the Rovers. Keith offers to pay for the damage out of Tommy's life insurance but Fred, Ken and Emily won't hear of it. Fred goes up to Shelley's bedroom but she panics and refuses to let him in. Ciaran and Violet think Charlie might be holding Shelley prisoner. Shelley's paranoia increases, she worries no-one will believe she has chickenpox. Liz and Bob enjoy a first date. Steve sees Liz inviting Bob into her flat.


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