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Chesney's on pins waiting for news of Schmeichel. Shelley's too nervous to answer the phone. Charlie unplugs it and she's relieved. Jamie's unnerved when he receives a letter from Carol containing pictures of him when he was a baby. He shows it to Frankie. Fred's worried about Shelley but Charlie placates him saying it's just chickenpox and she'll be back to work soon. Vera makes Jack choose between her and his pigeons. She's shocked when he starts packing and leaves. Chesney, Les, Kirk, Fiz and Cilla rejoice when the Vet says Schmeichel should make a full recovery. Craig tells Keith how he visits Tommy's grave to talk to him. Keith's worried. Les is shocked when he opens the vet's bill and sees it's for £850. Danny tells Jamie he's going to write off the money Jamie owes him over the Vinny Evans business. Jamie and Danny hug. Charlie gives Shelley a mobile phone. She thanks him for being so thoughtful. Danny calls round to Leanne's flat and they end up in bed together again. Cilla, Les, Fiz and Kirk go round to No.4 demanding money for Schmeichel's vet's bill. Claire's upset and Ashley throws them out.


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