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Diggory and Keith set up mousetraps in the baker's shop. Penny and Mike pack in preparation for their holiday in Spain. Charlie lies to Rita and Deirdre saying that Shelley's got chickenpox and doesn't want any visitors. Danny smarms his way back into Frankie's good books. Leanne's jealous. Diggory apologises to Sarah and offers her job back. Sarah accepts. Charlie takes magazines, chocolates and a DVD player up to the bedroom for Shelley. He tells her how he's had to lie on her behalf saying she's got chickenpox. Shelley apologises for all the trouble she's causing him. Danny and Leanne continue to flirt. Frankie persuades Jamie to give Leanne a second chance. Leanne's delighted when Jamie says he loves her and they make up. Claire arrives in her new bus driver's uniform which Ashley finds a turn-on. Keith lets slip to Dev about the mice in the baker's much to Diggory's annoyance. Penny's annoyed when Mike's late for their holiday in Spain. Mike covers, pretending he's been busy when actually he'd completely forgotten. Danny masks his disappointment when Jamie returns home with Leanne in tow.


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