Shelley wants to report Dev to the police but Charlie dissuades her. Diggory continues to steer trade away from the Corner Shop and into his own. Furious Dev bars him from the shop. Ken's unimpressed that Adam's left school but realises that he's fighting a losing battle. Danny's shocked when Mike tells him to train Adam up as one day he'll be taking over Mike's half of Underworld. Sally apologises to Rita and they become friends again. Mel Hutchwright reads a chapter of Hard Grinding to the Book Club. Ken reckons it's complete drivel. Blanche is jealous of the attention that Mel pays Audrey. Leanne sticks up for Jamie, pointing out that Adam's going to get half the business whereas all Jamie gets is a boring job driving a van. Danny's taken aback. Mike and Penny are finding it hard to get used to living with Adam. Norris discovers Mel isn't typing in the front room at all, but it's a tape recording of someone typing. Rosie tells Sally that the Davenports are getting divorced. Norris is hurt realising that Mel lied to him but Mel manages to flannel his way out of it. Dev and Sunita arrive in the Rovers to be met by hostile Shelley who accuses Dev of hiring a heavy to beat up Charlie. Dev refutes this. Sunita tells Shelley that Charlie's turned her into a spineless, pathetic fool, only she can't see it.


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