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Danny convinces Leanne that Jamie's got another girlfriend in Birmingham. Leanne's furious and when Danny suggests he calls round to her flat she agrees. The baker's shop opens and Diggory upsets Dev by handing out free cakes. Kevin and Sally call a truce. Kevin agrees not to mention Ian's name again. Justine calls round and accuses Sally of having an affair with Ian. Kevin sticks up for Sally and tells Justine she's got it wrong. Sally's very grateful to Kevin. Mike's helping Penny move in to his flat. They're taken aback to find Adam there who announces he's left school and wants a job at the factory. Mel Hutchwright takes Audrey for lunch at the Clock restaurant. He gets drunk and manages to dupe her into paying the bill by promising to base the hero of his book on Alf. Jamie explains to Leanne that he went to meet his mother in Birmingham. Leanne tells Danny their rendezvous is off but refuses to tell him why. Mike's delighted when Penny says she still wants to move in and that Adam's welcome to live with them. Charlie's shocked and Jason's amused when the husband of the woman he's been seeing arrives at the yard and punches him in the face. Drunken Mel suggests to Audrey they should go for a lie down. She refuses. Charlie lies to Shelley saying that Dev got his own back by hiring a heavy to punch him.


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