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David discovers Barney the rabbit dead in his hutch. He's very upset. Mel Hutchwright, Ken and Norris all go for haircuts in the salon at the same time. Mel continues to goad Ken, this time about his column in the Gazette. Kevin tells Sally how Ian said they were having an affair. Sally denies it but Kevin's disbelieving. Candice's delighted when she gets the weather girl job. Shelley asks Dev not to involve the police over the punch-up. Charlie overhears her and is furious. He storms out leaving Shelley feeling sick with worry. David wants to bury Barney but is upset to find he's missing. Angry Kevin's sure Sally's been having an affair. As Sally continues to deny it, Rosie backs her up lying on Sally's behalf. Mel admits to Emily that he's broken one of her ornaments. Emily tells him it was worth at least £200. Mel promises to reimburse her. David's shocked when Keith calls round with Barney the rabbit stuffed (badly) and mounted on a plinth. Audrey, Gail, Sarah and Scooter find it hilarious. Kevin tells Sally that if she continues to lie then it might be the end of their relationship.


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Notable dialogue[]

David Platt (surprised): "You've stuffed Barney!"
Keith Appleyard: "I've mounted him."
Audrey Roberts: "Now I don't think I want to know that, luvvie!"

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