Betty's appalled with Charlie for hitting Dev but Shelley sticks up for her man. Sally starts work for Arthur Brooks but is appalled when he makes it clear that he expects sex to be part of the deal. She storms out feeling humiliated. Gail chats to Keith in the garden while David plays football with Barney the rabbit! Cilla and Rocky have a ketchup fight in Wong's Chippy and Rocky chases her down the street waving a fish slice. Norris compliments Sunita on the position of her apostrophe on the Alahan's sign. Sally braces herself and tells Kevin that there was no job going at Brooks Autosales. She lies saying Ian wanted rid of her because she refused to sleep with him. In the Rovers, Norris does a series of impersonations (Tommy Cooper, James Cagney etc.) for an unimpressed Emily and Rita. Diggory calls in the chippy and meets Yana. He's immediately smitten. Kevin punches Ian in the mouth for coming on to Sally. Ian tells Kevin that they'd been having an affair for ages. Rosie's disgusted with Sally and tells her that she'll have to lie to Kevin and deny the affair if she wants Kevin to stay. Betty tells Charlie and Shelley that Dev plans to report Charlie to the police. Sally's preparing her defence when Kevin returns. To her surprise and relief he doesn't mention the affair and they hug each other, though Kevin's face is clouded with doubt.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Sally reaches the end of her tether and tells Kevin that Ian has been propositioning her, only for her boss to retaliate by revealing all; Shelley vows to stand by her man after his violent outburst, but Dev's threat to call the police has her scared; Norris takes great pleasure in informing Les that no one is going to attend his wedding; while blushing bride-to-be Cilla is busy giving Rocky a battering in the chip shop.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 10,920,000 viewers (3rd place).

Notable dialogue

Cilla Brown (about Kirk Sutherland): "He's not gonna get us a decent wedding prezzie. If he's ever got two pennies to rub together, you can bet yer life one of em's chocolate!"

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