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Violet's delighted when a friend invites her on a last-minute holiday to Ibiza. Ciaran fixes Cilla up with a job interview with someone in the "restaurant business". Ian continues to treat Sally like dirt, making her do the office sandwich run. Cilla is interviewed by Mr Wong, she gets the job but is fed up when she realises that she'll be working in Wong's Chippy on Rosamund Street. Insensitive Norris gets Keith to pay Angela's outstanding paper bill. Jason's upset and jealous when Violet tells him that she's going to Ibiza. Violet's furious when he tries to stop her but they kiss and make up and Violet leaves. Martin calls to see Keith. The conversation is awkward but Martin's relieved to find Keith is understanding. Cilla starts work in the chippy. Janice and Fiz enjoy calling in and taking the mickey. Ian tells Sally to get his suit dry-cleaned. She purposely takes it to the launderette and then tumble dries it. Ian's furious. Norris likens himself to his mother and her meticulous ways. He recalls chopping the pointy ends off Angela Hawthorne's golf tees just before they divorced. Cilla's finished work and having a drink. Eileen and Janice continue to goad her about her new job. Cilla's furious.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Les is delighted when Cilla gets a job serving fish and chips - though it doesn't look like she's cut out for a life of customer care; Violet refuses to back down when Jason asks her not to go on a girls' holiday to Ibiza; and Ian continues to make Sally's life miserable, so she seeks revenge.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 10,620,000 viewers (3rd place).

Notable dialogue[]

Fiz Brown (about Cilla Brown): "She always did have a chip on her shoulder, now she's got a shop-full."

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