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Ian continues to put pressure on Sally to continue their affair. Keith tries to do his best for Craig but Craig refuses to talk. Awestruck Norris gives Mel Hutchwright some expensive paper to help with his writing. Chesney's puzzled to see Cilla with fake tan on her face. He misses Roy and Hayley declaring that life with them is far better than at home. Emily's annoyed to find Mel smoking in her house. Norris explains that he's a method writer and is obviously writing in character. Keith finds a sympathetic ear in Audrey, who assures him that Craig just needs time. In the Rovers, Mel continues to sponge off Emily and Norris. Sally's not home and Rosie's upset suspecting her of sleeping with Ian. Ian tells Sally that he loves her and suggests they leave their families and spend the rest of their lives together. Sally's shocked. It's Spanish night at No.5 - Les serves up some cheap, nasty sangria and Cilla fails to deliver any food. Chesney's fed up. Mel's delighted to hear that Ken's written a book and enjoys poking fun at him. Keith's relieved when Craig softens towards him. Furious Sally tells Ian that their relationship is definitely over.


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Mel Hutchwright (to Norris Cole): "What on earth was I thinking? A mentor doesn't offer something as vulgar as money. He offers wisdom, and you are going to get it my friend... try writing in the nude. It breaks down one's inhibitions."

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