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Tracy excitedly tries on a dress for her date with Steve that evening. Kevin admits Tyrone and Nathan have done a good job while he was away and agrees to keep Nathan on a trial period. Tracy calls round to Steve's flat. He leaves her there changing Amy's nappy and accidentally deadlocks the front door on his way out. Chesney's very upset he's still heard nothing from Cilla. Roy tries to help him with his homework - Venn diagrams. Justine marches Ian into the garage. She makes him admit he's been having an affair with Lisa Ditchfield and then sack her in front of Sally. Justine makes Sally promise to keep an eye on him in future. Sally's guilt-ridden and furious with Ian. Steve's at the Clock restaurant thinking Tracy's stood him up. Tracy's trapped on the flat staircase with Amy unable to get out and unable to phone. Violet wins the £500 prize at bingo. Vera's furious accusing of Sean of fixing the game. She's manhandled from the bingo hall and has her "Golden Balls" brooch withdrawn. Steve discovers Tracy on the stairwell. They both see the funny side and kiss. Roy and Hayley find Chesney trying to book a flight to Spain on the internet with Roy's credit card. Angela sobs uncontrollably in her prison cell.


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