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Angela's alone in her cell. She cries, realising the full horror of her situation. Tracy and Steve have enjoyed their night together. Steve fusses over Amy. Candice shows the Baldwins her picture in the Gazette. She is wearing very little. Craig's upset it's Katy's funeral today. Keith tries but fails to comfort him. Sally tells Kevin she is worried about losing her job. Kevin's bemused. Tracy and Steve surprise Liz and the Barlows when they arrive together in the morning looking happy. Tracy thinks it is for real with Steve this time. Ken is worried. Kevin is angry that Tyrone took Nathan on in the garage but agrees to give him a chance. Sally's upset when Lisa Ditchfield insinuates she's started an affair with Ian. Leanne goads Candice over her article in the Gazette. Candice chucks her drink over Leanne. Frankie tells Candice she'll have to find somewhere else to live. Candice decides to apply for a TV presenters' course advertised in the paper. Katy's funeral takes place. Angela accuses Martin of being responsible for both Tommy's and Katy's deaths. Martin's a broken man.


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