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Sean slept with Larry, the bingo security guard. Eileen sees Larry and teases Sean. He is upset about Vera calling him a cheat. Steve goes round to No.1 he says to see Amy but Tracy knows he's checking up on her. Candice thinks that her name will stop her from becoming a weather girl. The Baldwins take great delight in coming up with alternative names. Tracy goes to ask Steve if there is any chance of a relationship. His mobile rings and Tracy thinks it's another woman. Tracy feels humiliated again and leaves. The Websters return from their holiday in Crete. Sophie finds out that Chesney is moving to Spain. Chesney is desperate for Cilla to contact him, thinking they have forgotten him. Tracy decides to go and live with Peter in Portsmouth because she can't be near Steve. The Barlows and Liz are upset. Candice phones the Gazette with another story. Gail tells Sally that her affair with Ian sparked off the Harris mess, but Sally blames Martin. Steve is terribly upset when he hears Tracy's plans. He chases Tracy and asks her out. At first she doesn't believe him but he talks her round and they end up kissing.


Regular cast[]

Guest cast[]

  • Larry - Warren Donnelly (Credited as "Warren Donnelley")



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