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Craig and Keith think Angela will be let out of prison soon. Martin knows it will not be that easy and tells Keith not to get Craig's hopes up. Candice gets fan mail and decides to do haircuts in the flat until her big break. Deirdre and Liz discuss Steve and Tracy's relationship. Deirdre is angry with Steve. Sean is nervous at the bingo but Eileen, Violet and the factory girls cheer him on. Maria's unhappy about spending her Saturday night at the bingo with Vera. Hayley hears the factory girls being nasty about Angela and tells them all the truth. Craig's anguish is evident. He feels as though he now has nothing. Violet is angry when she overhears Jessie speculating on Katy and Tommy's relationship. Violet wants Janice to stop being so hard on Katy. Audrey discovers Candice is cutting hair in the flat. She confronts her about it and Candice is so rude that Audrey ends up evicting her. Vera is unhappy that the factory girls are at the bingo. They mock her lucky mascot. Sean is good at bingo calling but Vera accuses him of cheating when Fiz and Eileen win. Vera gets thrown out and barred. Frankie persuades Danny to let Candice live at their house until she finds somewhere else. Hayley feels selfish because of the relief she felt when she found out that posting the letter was Angela's way of trying to protect Katy.


Regular cast

Guest cast

  • Big Jim - Bill Rodgers
  • Larry - Warren Donnelly (Credited as "Warren Donnelley")
  • Man - Neil Gallagher (Uncredited)



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