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Sean is nervous about his first night at the bingo. Janice doesn't think anyone should visit or talk to Angela. Keith talks to Emily as it helps him to talk about things. Emily offers to cook for him. Fred has withdrawn the sale of the Rovers. Charlie makes Shelley feel guilty about getting the survey done. He says it wasted time and gave Fred time to pull out. Leanne is ill. Jamie discusses their future but Leanne is vague and non-committal. Deirdre and Ken come home from their honeymoon. Deirdre feels guilty about missing Ray's funeral. Deirdre is trying to quit smoking and she is upset about the way Steve treated Tracy. Tracy thinks she may have to move to get over Steve. Craig wants to talk to Martin about Tommy and Katy. Martin doesn't want to. Craig gets angry and upset. Martin hugs Craig. Angela has to take pills to calm her down. Angela is frustrated that she is not being told Katy's funeral details. Angela apologises to Hayley for lying. Angela wants Hayley to tell everyone the truth. Fred is convinced his friendship is over with Audrey but she tells him not to be silly. Audrey reads an article in the Gazette where Candice claims she was fired because of her ambitions and is furious. Charlie and Shelley decide to look for other pubs to buy. Martin, Keith and Craig go to the cemetery. Keith won't go to the grave. Craig lashes out at both of them for not liking Tommy. Craig runs off to Tommy's grave. Martin chases him. The police have cordoned off the grave as the body is being exhumed.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Martin takes Craig to visit Tommy's grave, but their arrival at the cemetery is met with a gruesome discovery; there's disappointing news for Shelley; and Ken and Deirdre return from their honeymoon to hear the latest gossip.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 10,770,000 viewers (7th place).
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