Shelley reads the survey of the Rovers which confirms that it is worth the asking price. Nathan has stayed the night with Tracy but leaves in a hurry in the morning. Candice fails to open the Salon on time, scalds Betty, is late from lunch and then insults the salon, saying it's only for pensioners and kids. Audrey sacks her. Jason tells Sean that he should pay the extra rent and has a go at him for sponging off Eileen. Eileen tells Sean to take no notice. Craig visits Angela. He is angry and tells her she should have told him the truth. Angela tries to explain why she lied. Angela begs Craig to go and see Katy. Fred tries to talk Audrey into going into partnership with him. Kelly wants to get Steve's attention. Janice and Fiz trick her and tell her the way to get him is to be full on. Kelly believes them and is all over him in the pub. Tracy and Liz see this and are annoyed. Joanne and Jessie like Nathan. Angela wants Father Thomas to talk to the police and tell them the truth, as she can't face it but he tells her only a statement from her will count. Betty is angry when she realises she is the last to hear about the sale of the pub. Eileen lends Sean money. Jason wasn't supposed to know but he works it out. Craig goes to see Katy. While he is there, she dies. Audrey tells Fred the deal is a 70/30 split and he accepts. Fred keeps on having to nip to the loo.


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