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Ashley gets water from the hole for testing. Fred drinks it before it's been tested. Gail is trying to get Martin to stay positive but it is proving difficult. Angela wants to see Katy and can't understand the delay. Her solicitor tells her the police will have to examine fresh evidence. Tracy has a go at Steve for not having time for either her or Amy. The factory workers decide to arrange a night out at the bingo. Sean and Janice offer to do overtime as neither of them have any money. Mike advises Audrey not to give Fred 50% of the profits from St. Weatha's well. Craig asks Keith if everything is his fault. Keith tries to comfort Craig. Martin tells Katy that he forgives her, loves her and he wants her to live. Chesney wonders what Cilla is doing and why she has not sent for him. Roy tells Fred that the hole in Audrey's garden is not the St. Weatha's well at all. Fred accuses Roy of being hostile to progress and endeavour. Tracy knows Steve is listening in on her conversation with Nathan and makes him jealous. Steve leaves and Tracy knows she has got to him. Eileen tells Sean that the landlord has put up the rent. Angela is taken to see Katy and is distraught, she begs Martin to stay with Katy. Fred feels betrayed when Audrey tells him she is not bringing him in on the deal.


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