Craig's grandad is coming over from Sheffield but he tells Gail he does not really know him. Craig's isolation and despair is evident. He overhears Martin saying that Katy's condition is not improving. Shelley is excited at the prospect of owning the Rovers and wants to arrange a survey but Charlie is not convinced it is needed. Sean arrives for his appointment at the salon in preparation for a date and Candice offends him. Candice tries to decide how she will become famous. Fred goes to see his financial advisor. Shelley and Fred shake hands over the pub. Martin shows Katy's letter to the police but is unhappy by the lack of action and interest. Tracy is upset at the graveside. Steve arrives to comfort her. Martin ends up telling Gail the truth. Martin tells Gail he understands Katy's actions but Gail is unsympathetic and says she never liked Katy. Steve's support surprises Tracy and they end up spending the night together. Sean's date cancels on him. Candice decides that she wants to be a weather girl. Keith arrives and brings Craig the chain back. Craig is distraught he saw the chain as a symbol of Tommy watching over Katy.


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