Scooter spots Katy's letter. The paramedics take Katy out. Martin tells Sarah and Scooter not to mention the letter. Violet suspects Katy tried to commit suicide. Tracy tells Liz she is upset about Steve and Louise and asks Liz's advice. Steve and Louise say goodbye. Both are sad to be parting. Norris signs for Ray's flat-pack coffin. Emily, Tracy and Norris discuss the coffin and Ray's wishes. Martin is in hospital with Katy and discovers she may have a cerebral oedema. Martin tells an unconscious Katy that no one will open the letter. Fred wines and dines Audrey to get her to agree to getting the water from the well tested. Mike ridicules Fred's well idea in front of Audrey. Shelley overhears that Fred is selling the pub. Leanne taunts Candice by telling her that Warren will dump her if he makes the Premiership. Leanne notices Danny at the bar. They agree to keep their dinner together a secret and there is a flirty atmosphere between them. Martin confronts Violet about ringing the hospital to check on Katy. He tells her it was an accident and that she shouldn't jump to conclusions. The Prison Governor tells Angela that Katy is in hospital. Angela demands to go and see her but is not allowed. Angela prays for Katy. Charlie is being really nice to Shelley. Martin is told Katy's condition has not changed. He opens the letter and is stunned at what he reads.


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