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Tracy is really upset about Ray. Steve keeps Louise waiting in the Rovers while he comforts Tracy. Katy deliberately smashes her insulin cartridges and washes the contents down the sink. She writes a letter, marks it "the truth", then sits and spoons sugar into her mouth. Katy falls into a diabetic coma. Danny lies to Frankie about working late when really he was dining with Leanne. Steve finally arrives at the Rovers and convinces Louise to go back to his flat with him. Martin confesses to Gail that he also feels out of touch with her and the kids. He opens up about Katy and tells Gail he blames himself. Gail, worried about Martin, tells him to sleep on the sofa for the night. Sarah, David and Scooter are all suspicious when Martin is still there in the morning. Tracy and Blanche sort through Ray's things and find a letter addressed to Deirdre. It contains a list of songs he wants played at his funeral. Fred invites Audrey to lunch to discuss the well. Katy is unconscious on the sofa and a home video is playing. Martin, Scooter and Sarah realise there is music coming from No.6. They kick down the door and dash inside. Martin rushes to Katy and checks her vital signs. Scooter phones an ambulance.


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