Dennis finds that Elsie has emptied his pockets of the cash. He finds it in her handbag and tells her that someone paid him back £5 he owed him and he put it on the dogs, winning £25 in the process. She believes him. Swindley tells Martha that Ena is reported to be comfortable in hospital. He asks her to stand in for Ena in the meantime. Meanwhile, the patient gives the nurse the run-around. Ken does deliveries for Christmas money. Esther is in a panic when Lucille disappears when she's looking after her during the day. Ken volunteers to search. Concepta Riley returns from Ireland after several months away and asks the Walkers if they'll have her back as live-in barmaid in the Rovers. They happily agree. Ida tries to keep Esther's spirits up while the search for Lucille continues. Ken can't find her either. Christine is annoyed when May tries to set her up with Malcolm Wilkinson again. May complains of a splitting headache. Christine plays hard to get when Malcolm calls round. Ena is visited by daughter Vera Lomax who receives a bucketful of complaints. Martha also visits and lets slip that she's doing her work at the Glad Tidings Mission Hall. Ena is furious, accusing her of being after her job and her home. She is interrupted when some church choristers sing carols for the patients. A reluctant Christine goes to the Rovers with Malcolm. She accuses him of of being ashamed of her but he invites her to the rugby club dance. As the day wears on, Lucille still doesn't return. Frank is unconcerned but Harry thinks the police ought to be called. Lucille arrives, having been Christmas shopping for presents for Esther and her father. She's forgiven for giving them a scare. Linda and Ivan arrive for Christmas. The police call at No.11, asking for Dennis.


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