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It's the day of Tommy's funeral. Katy's jittery saying she can't go through with it but Angela insists she must or she'll arouse suspicion. The atmosphere between Sally and Rosie is strained but Kevin is oblivious. Chesney gives Hayley a bunch of flowers to take to the funeral. Hayley's touched. Chesney suggests he and Roy could watch the DVD of Kill Bill, but Roy says they're going to have a trip to the library instead. Angela breaks down in the middle of the street. Eileen comes to her rescue and comforts her telling her she's been a tower of strength to Katy and Craig. Angela's dad, Keith Appleyard, arrives and the funeral cortege leaves for the church. Angela panics when she sees the police talking to Father Thomas. Chesney chooses a book on ju-jitsu and insists Roy practises with him using a cucumber instead of a knife. Roy discovers Cilla and Les are living it up in Spain and that he and Hayley have been had for mugs. The funeral takes place. Craig reads out a few words about his dad but cracks up in the middle. Katy takes over and tells the congregation that it's all her fault.


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