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DS Smith informs Angela and Katy that their house may be searched and they are keeping a close eye on them for their safety. Chesney tells the Croppers he doesn't get fed properly. Martin's worried about people's reactions. Gail reassures him it will be okay. Ken, Deirdre and Tracy row. Deirdre thinks Ray's sincere. Tracy says she hates him. Angela sends Craig shopping, although he doesn't want to go out. Norris tells Ray he's a burden to Emily. Ken tells him to leave before he causes Tracy more pain. He decides to leave, despite Emily trying to persuade him to stay. Ashley and Claire are happy when Claire gets onto the bus driver training scheme. Tracy's interested when Deirdre mentions Ray's making a will. Angela's about to take the wrench out of her handbag and throw it in the canal when DS Smith turns up. Angela refuses to make a local TV appeal. She says Tommy would still be alive if she'd kept quiet about the murder in Sheffield. Kevin and Tyrone wonder when they can go back to work. Martin's upset when everyone's off with him, including Kevin. Craig attacks Martin in the street. Roy and Hayley make Chesney promise not to tell them any more stories. Angela's hysterical believing the police think she killed Tommy.


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