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Chesney wakes up at the crack of dawn and tells Roy how bad life is at home but he lays it on and cons him into spoiling him. Katy's wavering about Martin taking the blame, Angela insists they stick together. Tracy's angry that Ray's affecting her parents and tells him to go and die somewhere else. Tommy's mum Jean Harris arrives, devastated at her son's death. Craig sobs in her arms. Katy blurts out that it's all her fault. Angela has to explain to Jean about Martin being in the frame. Candice worries that Warren's gone off her, until Frankie tells her about the bet. Ray persuades Tracy to listen to him. He apologises for everything. Chesney enjoys staying with the Croppers. He cries to get them to let Schmeichel visit. Roy and Hayley are sobered knowing they'll never have their own child. Tracy begins to talk to Ray but feels more vulnerable than ever. Ray's besotted when he holds Amy for the first time. Candice tricks Warren by wearing a bikini, then tells him that she's going to start putting her career first. Danny, Frankie, Jamie and Leanne come in and believe Warren's lost the bet. Jamie has to explain to Leanne. Angela and Katy are relieved when Jean leaves, but stunned when they see Martin arriving back to the street in a taxi.


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