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Martin is exhausted after his night in the cells. Cilla receives a postcard from Yana in Faliraki and decides that she and Les need a holiday. Things remain difficult between Ken and Deirdre over his attitude towards Ray. Angela persists in trying to poison Katy against Martin, insisting that he was the reason behind what she did. Cilla's plan is to go on their holiday without Chesney. Unable to palm him off with Fiz, she turns on the waterworks for Roy who inadvertently agrees to mind Chesney while Cilla goes off to "de-stress". Tracy agrees with her dad that Ray is unwelcome but she is surprised at how strongly he feels. She thanks Ken for being a proper dad to her and tries to reassure him that Ray being around won't affect their relationship. Ken is touched. Audrey and David visit Martin who is in defeatist mood and tells them that his future looks bleak. David is furious at his downbeat attitude and does his best to convince him that his fate is not yet sealed. Katy appears to have taken in what her mum has said and when Gail calls round to defend Martin she claims to be convinced of his guilt, much to Angela's relief. The police continue their questioning and Martin knows they are convinced that he is guilty. Ken sees Ray in the ginnel and the pair argue. Ken blames Ray for walking out on Tracy and Ray throws Ken's own parenting record back in his face. A shaken Katy continues to keep up her pretence when questioned by the police about Martin's behaviour, telling them that he had a violent temperament.


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