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The police throw some difficult questions at Martin who insists he's innocent. Craig thinks Martin murdered his dad. Katy's at breaking point. Sean continues to mourn the death of Shandy. Jason takes the mickey. Eileen suggests Jason should get Louis to hypnotise him to help him with his fear of heights. Jason agrees. Gail's distraught over Martin's arrest. It brings back memories of Richard Hillman. Blanche calls to see Ray and demands he leaves the street and her family alone. Ray refuses but he's hurt when Tracy tells him to go and die somewhere else. The police continue to grill Martin, convinced that he had a motive to kill Tommy. Hayley calls round to offer her support to Angela. Violet, Louis and Jason play a trick on Sean. Jason pretends to fancy Sean as a result of the hypnosis. Ken asks Deirdre which means more to her: Ray's death or their future together. Sean's embarrassed when Violet unveils a poster of him when he had a poodle perm. The police return a bag containing Tommy's personal belongings. Katy and Craig are distraught.


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