Angela goes to formally identify Tommy's body. Sean's distraught to discover Shandy, the dog he and his ex-boyfriend had is dead. The police question the residents over Tommy's murder. Martin's name is mentioned time and time again. Danny calls round with some flowers and tells Angela he'll do anything to help. Angela's touched by his kindness but guilt-ridden. Martin's questioned by the police. He's dumfounded to learn that Tommy's dead. Ken wants to reset their wedding date but Deirdre feels the timing is wrong and they should wait a while. Violet, Eileen, Sean and Louis attend Shandy's funeral. Sean sings Mandy but changes the word "Mandy" to "Shandy". Angela and Katy are questioned by the police. Angela says they were at home all the time. Louis, who's a scaffolder and hypnotist, cures Eileen of her crisp addiction. Ray has a trip down memory lane with Rita and Betty. Martin is arrested on suspicion of Tommy's murder. David is distraught. Katy sees Martin being taken away and is consumed with guilt.


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