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Arriving back at No.6, Angela does her utmost to be strong and tells Katy how they must both stick to the same story. Angela's startled when there's a knock at the door. It's Kevin telling her that Tommy's sacked for making up lies about Martin and Sally. Angela washes their clothes and hides the wrench down the back of the sofa. Deirdre reassures Ken that she still wants to marry him and explains to Blanche, Tracy and Emily how Ray is dying of cancer, he hasn't got long to live and wants to get to know Tracy before he goes. Tracy and Blanche are disbelieving. Katy can't handle all the lies and wants to confess to the murder. Angela persuades her to keep quiet as she needs Katy and Craig more than ever now Tommy's dead. Tyrone finds the garage door unlocked. He's about to go in when he sees Maria. He locks it and leaves. Sean, Jason and Eileen go to the Rovers and swap "most embarrassing thing that's ever happened to you" stories. Sean tells them about the time his trousers caught fire. Craig arrives home from scout camp. He's tired and fed up as Tommy was meant to pick him up. Angela says Tommy forgot as they were having a row and cites Katy's abortion as the reason. Tommy remains undiscovered in the garage.


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