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Katy tells Martin she's aborted their baby. Martin's devastated. Ken and Deirdre set off for the register office. Tracy's furious when a man drives down Victoria Street and almost knocks her and Amy over. Tracy unnecessarily insists on taking Amy to hospital to make sure she's okay. She doesn't realise that the man is her long-missing father - Ray Langton. Sally's shocked when Rosie says she knows that Sally isn't having an affair with Martin because she and Gemma reckon she's having an affair with Ian instead. Martin and Gail finally manage to convince Kevin that Sally is not having an affair with Martin. Sally tells Rosie that she and Gemma have got the wrong end of the stick and mustn't repeat these stories to Kevin. Rosie's unconvinced. Tracy and Ray continue to argue at the hospital, Tracy's completely oblivious to who she's arguing with. Kevin apologises to Sally for disbelieving her over the Martin affair. Deirdre gets a call to say Tracy and Amy have been in an accident. Ken, Deirdre and Blanche abandon the wedding and rush to the hospital. Gail rows with Sally for all the trouble she's caused for Martin. Deirdre, Ken and Blanche are astounded to see Ray at the hospital. Deirdre introduces an incredulous Tracy to her father.


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