Sally denies she's having an affair with Martin but Kevin's suspicious. Sophie overhears them rowing. Ken, Deirdre, Emily, Tracy and Lena enjoy a few drinks at home for their hen and stag nights. Blanche is determined she'll be at the wedding despite her flu. Joanne and Jessie the twins start at Underworld. Danny and girls are bemused when they explain how they're often mistaken for each other as the thin Joanne and the large Jessie couldn't look less like each other. Kevin grabs Martin by the throat in the Rovers and accuses him of having an affair with Sally. Kevin's thrown out. Martin proceeds to get drunk. Katy has an abortion but she's emotionally distraught. Claire tells Ashley how upset she is about failing to get the tram driver's job. Vera forces Maria to go to bingo with her and Tyrone. Despite herself, Maria enjoys it and wins £50. Ken gives Deirdre a locket containing a picture of Tracy and Amy. Deirdre's touched. Ken asks Deirdre if she'll try and quit smoking as a present to him. Sally pours her heart out to Ian. Kevin arrives. Sally swears she's not having an affair with Martin but Kevin doesn't believe her.


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