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Blanche has got flu but she's still determined to attend Ken and Deirdre's wedding. Tommy's pleased that Katy wants an abortion. Sally tries to tell Kevin about Tommy's ridiculous theory that she and Martin are having an affair but she's thwarted by Rosie and Sophie bickering. Craig wants to know why Katy's upset, but Tommy refuses to tell him and takes him to get the coach for scout camp. Claire insists that she, Fred, Ashley and Joshua spend the morning riding the trams and testing her knowledge of the routes. Sarah's worried she'll never see Scooter again. Gail tries to placate her. Danny warns the factory girls they haven't much work and he might have to make redundancies if things don't pick up. Joanne Jackson introduces herself to Danny as the new machinist, explaining she spoke to Mike and he said there were jobs for both her and her identical twin sister Jessie. Katy starts to change her mind and thinks she might keep the baby. Lena calls in at No.1 with grapes for Blanche. Martin and Tommy fight in the street. Kevin pulls Martin off. Tommy tells Kevin that Martin and Sally are having an affair behind his back. Kevin's astounded.


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