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Jamie enlists the help of Tyrone and Kirk to help him shift some furniture for a Mrs Greenway. Sally accuses Ian of being a serial adulterer and explains how Della Hopkins paid her a visit. Ian assures her that he loves her and that they can continue their affair without their families ever finding out. They have sex in the office. Tommy's obsessed with Martin and Sally's supposed affair. Angela tries to calm him down suggesting it's probably all in his imagination. Tommy calls at the flat to see Martin with the intention of thumping him, but Katy arrives alone. Katy's oblivious and is touched that her dad's called to see her. While Tyrone and Kirk are shifting her furniture, Mrs Greenway's husband turns up and an argument ensues. Leanne discovers he's smashed up the front of the van. Jamie panics at the thought of what Danny's going to say. Sunita tries to pay Charlie back the £200 for the health spa trip, but he refuses to take it accusing her of trying to buy his forgiveness. Ashley tells Claire he'll support her in her mission to become a tram driver. Sophie's unwell and accuses Sally of putting her job before her. Sally's pleased to think that her job, her family and her affair are all safely back on track.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Ian admits to having had an affair with Della when Sally confronts him; Tommy tries to keep his emotions in check; and Claire explains to Ashley why she's determined to be a tram driver.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 12,840,000 viewers (4th place).
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