Ian's due back at Davenports. Sally's nervous. Katy's delighted when Martin says he's booked them a weekend in the Lake District. Sunita's shocked when Shelley calls in the corner shop and accuses her of fixing the scales. Sunita tries to explain how she thought she was doing Shelley a favour. Furious Shelley tells Sunita she'll never be able to trust her again and accuses her of trying to break her and Charlie up. Sunita's dumbfounded. As Claire prepares for an interview, Ashley tells her that he's not happy about her going to work for another family. Claire ignores him. Kelly asks Sean to go a festival with her in Cornwall. He refuses. Roy shows Kelly, Sean, Angela and Sonia some photographs of his tent when he lent it to Martin and Sally. Angela is worried to learn that they used to be a couple and wonders if Tommy is right. Sunita tries to apologise to Charlie but he's unforgiving. Sunita feels wretched. Sophie's feeling sick. Sally has to collect her from school. Fred and Ashley are shocked when Claire says she's changed her mind about being a nanny as she wants to be a tram driver. Tommy gets Martin up against a wall and threatens him, telling him he knows all about his affair. Martin thinks Tommy's mad. Martin tells Sally about Tommy. Sally gives him a supportive hug. Unbeknown to them, Tommy's watching.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Tommy tries to gather evidence that Martin and Sally are having an affair and ends up attacking his daughter's boyfriend in the street; while Kevin remains blissfully ignorant when Ian visits the house.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 14,360,000 viewers (1st place - this was the highest-rated episode of the year).
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