Shelley's dreading her weigh-in as she's still a couple of pounds away from target. Sally corners Gail on her way to work saying she needs to talk. Tommy's suspicious. Steve receives two valentine cards; one from Tracy and the other he thinks and hopes is from Karen. Sally tells Gail how Ian had an affair with his previous PA, Della Hopkins. Gail advises her to stop seeing him and leave her job. Ken's still hurt at Deirdre turning down his proposal. Les finds Chesney using Cilla's toothbrush to brush Schmeichel's teeth. Sally finds a card from Ian. She shreds it just as Justine arrives at the garage. Justine visibly tenses when she sees a note saying Della has called in. Sally's paranoid and thinks Justine suspects her of having an affair with Ian. Sean hands out Valentine's chocolates in exchange for kisses. Blanche's friend Lena Thistlewood is pleased Deirdre turned Ken down as she fancies Ken herself. Charlie lights some Valentine's fireworks at the yard for Shelley. Cilla receives a card off one of her fancy men. Les sees it and is hurt, but Cilla pays Chesney to lie for her. Chesney tells Les that the card Cilla received was from him. Les believes him. Steve's furious when Kelly admits it was her who sent him the card. Sally tells Gail that the only way out of her predicament is to confess everything to Kevin.


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Notable dialogue

Chesney Brown (about Cilla Brown): "One of her last boyfriends forgot to get her a card once."
Les Battersby: "Oh aye?"
Chesney Brown: "I think she must have done summat to his fishing stuff as punishment ... cos he kept goin' on about how she'd damaged his tackle."

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