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Cilla is livid as she finds Schmeichel has chewed her favourite boots and in revenge sells the dog to her friend Yana Lumb for £100. It's Sarah's 18th birthday, and David is hostile when Martin pops round with a card and cheque. Sarah asks Martin to take her to Billy's grave at lunchtime. Sally is still on edge as Justine comes into the garage. Sally decides to let things cool with Ian for the time being. Ciaran uses Charlie's gym card and goes with Shelley as her gym buddy. Charlie manages to persuade Shelley that it's a bad idea when he finds out. At Billy's grave an emotional Sarah says she is pleased for Martin, but is sad because it reminds her of Billy. Martin says he will get Billy a proper headstone for Sarah's birthday as well. David won't listen as Martin tries to tell him that he is still important in his life. Rosie and Craig accidentally agree to have sex before the world ends. Chesney is very worried when Schmeichel appears to have gone missing; he goes to look for him with Kirk. Scooter comes to the Rovers, when Audrey and Gail take Sarah for her first legal drink. Tommy and Martin have a very heated argument in the street over the baby, and Martin threatens to make Katy cut her family off.


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