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Tommy and Angela are still very upset at Katy's situation. Martin is getting annoyed at Katy's blasé approach to the pregnancy and her parent's feelings. Dev is trying to drum up votes for the Weatherfield Traders' Association, canvassing Norris when he calls into the corner shop for a pint of milk. He has also pre-empted Sunita by telling all the other shop girls to vote for him. Charlie appears lighter as he presents Shelley with a fried breakfast. Angela and Tommy tell Craig about Katy's baby. Justine appears at Davenports, putting Sally on edge. Craig lets slip to David about the pregnancy, clearly shocking him. Fred tells Dev that his slimy image is damaging his chances of presidency. The Platts are all shocked when Martin confirms the rumour, and David accuses Martin of abandoning his old family for his new one. Rosie and Craig start to sell items on the internet to raise money for more tickets for "Stench of Death". Sunita is worried at the WTA voting meeting in the evening, and when Sunita delivers her honest speech, Dev stands up and withdraws from the competition and urges his voters to vote for her. Sunita loses to Diggory Compton, but the Alahans are happy at the result anyway. Gemma Davenport rings Rosie to say that her mum thinks her dad is having an affair. Sally hears this and is left in a quandary.


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