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Tommy and Angela enjoy exchanging anniversary presents. Sally asks Tommy to open the garage as Kevin is driving a car to Oxford for Ian. Tommy and Katy get into a fight as Katy is being evasive about going to see Cardiff University, since Tommy has been given the opportunity to drive there for Ian. Sally and Gail have a long discussion about Sally's affair. Sally starts to defend it as good for her marriage, Gail says she is trying to make sure Sally isn't hurt, and nothing is resolved. Sally finds out via Gemma that Justine has been crying at home a lot recently, but Ian manages to persuade her that it'll still be okay. Katy tells Martin she is going to come clean about her exams to Tommy, this way she won't even have to go to university and can look after the baby. An inquorate meeting of the Book Club comprised of Roy, Blanche, Norris, Rita and Ken discuss Roy's "rebellious" suggestion that they have a second non-fiction book each week. Sunita is worried about her first meeting with the rep for the corner shop, so Shelley helps her out. Charlie returns to the Rovers but gets mad when he sees Sunita feeding Shelley food. Tommy gets into a heated argument with Katy, and then Martin about Katy's future. Angela tries to intervene to calm things down but her and Martin's efforts fall flat. Katy announces that she is pregnant stunning her parents.


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