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Kirk and Jamie come up with a plan. Kirk's got a load of timber up at the kennels which they decide they'll saw up into logs and sell door to door, using the Underworld van. Delighted Tyrone and Maria announce their engagement. Vera wants Jack to talk Tyrone out of it. Candice and Leanne are amazed that Maria's accepted. Rosie and Craig are headbanging to some Goth music. Kevin joins in. Norris decides to set up a reading group. Rita, Emily, Blanche, Ken, Roy and Liz join the newly formed Book Club. Sally and Kevin discuss the fact they're happier now than they've ever been. The Book Club has its first meeting. Norris suggests they all read a novel by Mel Hutchwright called Hard Grinding. Danny tells Jamie he can't use the van for moonlighting. Jamie's fed up that every time he uses his initiative, Danny slaps him down. Sally confides in Gail about her affair with Ian. Gail's disapproving, saying it's unfair on Kevin. Sally's adamant no one will get hurt and that because of money she's bringing in, she and Kevin are happier than they've ever been.


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