Charlie lies to Shelley saying he slept at the yard last night. Charlie apologises to Dev for the insurance scam hoping to get back the Swinton and Ashton jobs. He's gutted when Dev says he's sorted another builder out. When Violet notices Shelley's ears, Shelley covers saying she's allergic to the earrings Charlie bought her. Katy tells Martin she's no intention of going to university as she's going to be a mum instead. Martin's worried. Tyrone tells Vera that he and Maria won't be coming to Blackpool. Stuart calls in the Salon. Maria's flattered when he asks her out for a drink and leaves his phone number. Jamie gets Danny to agree to the factory girls having a suggestion box. Vera has a go at Maria and calls her a trollop. Vera suspects Maria's leading Tyrone up the garden path. Jack tells her to keep out of it. Maria lies to Tyrone and arranges to meet Stuart behind his back. Jamie suggests Danny should make him assistant manager at Underworld. He's upset when Danny refuses, telling him he's useless. Again Charlie manages to turn the tables, blaming Shelley for their row the night before. Shelley's very unhappy. Sunita and Dev re-open the Corner Shop after its alterations. Maria meets Stuart for a drink. He kisses her passionately.


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