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Fiz is suspicious of Kirk's relationship with Thelma Clegg. Sean and Fiz decide to find out where Thelma lives and spy on Kirk. Katy's relieved when Martin finally accepts they're going to have a baby. Fiz and Sean spy on Kirk. Fiz is furious to see Kirk's got a key to Thelma's house. Ian and Sally lock themselves in the office. Whilst they're kissing, Sally's mobile rings and it's Kevin. Sarah admits to Gail and Audrey she's got a date with a lad called Scooter who she met on the bus. Gail's pleased for her. Sean peers through Thelma's window and is shocked to see Thelma belly-dancing for Kirk wearing a Moroccan bedlah. Sally asks Kevin not to phone her again at work unless it's urgent. Fiz smacks Kirk with her handbag. Kirk's bemused explaining he only went in to return the dog after its walk. Katy lets slip that she stopped taking the pill and got pregnant on purpose. Martin's furious and suggests they should end their relationship.


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