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Sally's in turmoil. As she listens to Sophie testing Rosie on her maths and Kevin joking with them, she feels guilt-ridden. Cilla's furious when Schmeichel eats her make-up bag. Sally suggests they book a family holiday after work. Kevin's pleased. Katy whinges to Angela about how Martin treats her like a child. She's about to tell Angela she's pregnant but stops as Tommy comes downstairs. Shelley's concerned when she realises Charlie's ripping off the insurance company over the work he's doing for Dev. Chesney's very upset when at Cilla's insistence, he's forced to take Schmeichel back to the kennels. Kirk promises to look after him. Justine calls in the garage upset because Gemma's been caught smoking at school. Thelma Clegg gets Kirk to massage her poodle, Lou Lou. She's so impressed she gives him £20 and asks him to call round to her house to exercise and groom the dog. Dev's pleased when Charlie assures him the corner shop will be finished on schedule. Ian makes Sally promise to stay late the following evening. Martin's worried about his job. He's been given a final warning. Katy tells him there's more to life than work and blurts out that she's pregnant. Martin's stunned.


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