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Sally and Kevin decide they're going to book a holiday abroad. Sophie's excited but Rosie, in Goth mode, thinks there's no point as the world's going to end on 17th March. Hayley gives Roy a stiff talking-to and insists he must work in the cafe as usual. Justine admits to Sally that her marriage isn't what it was. Sally feels uncomfortable. Charlie's surprised when Shelley says she's going to the gym by herself. Adam returns from Scotland saying he wants to leave school. Mike and Ken are furious but Blanche feels sorry for him. Ashley tells Fred about the earring. Fred explains it's Audrey's and assures Ashley he hasn't got a girlfriend. Ashley's relieved. Sarah checks with Adam that he hasn't come back because of her. Adam assures her that he just sees her as a mate. Roy flips and throws everyone out of the cafe, convinced they're all laughing at him behind his back for being bullied. Fred overhears Ashley and Claire discussing all his failed relationships. Fred feels very lonely. Ian tells Sally he's in love with her. Sally insists there can never be anything between them. She's shocked when Ian says she must give up her job as he can no longer work with her.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Ian stuns Sally by telling her she should consider resigning if his feelings for her aren't reciprocated; Roy throws everyone out of the café after failing to see the funny side of a joke; and Ashley ponders who Fred's mystery woman could be.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 12,190,000 viewers (3rd place).
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