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Tommy confiscates Craig and Rosie's tickets for a "Stench of Death" concert. Kevin thinks Tommy's being too hard and they should let them go to the concert. Hayley finds Roy hiding in the flat. She tells him that he's got to stand up to Vince and show him who's boss. Ken, Deirdre, Tracy, Blanche, Wanda, Adam and Sarah go for a pizza. Adam thinks Wanda is hysterical. Hayley accuses Vince of being a bully and makes things worse by mentioning how Roy wanted to be a librarian. Wanda asks if she can move back into No.1. Ken and Deirdre refuse her. Shelley's finding the dieting a struggle. Charlie buys them both memberships for a local gym. Katy sits her exam but worries that she's failed it. Roy apologises to Kevin for the way he treated Rosie and promises her some free food in the cafe to say sorry. Angela reminds Tommy he was a punk when she met him. Tommy relents and gives Craig and Rosie their tickets back. Vince takes the mickey out of Roy for wanting to be a librarian and insists on eating his own sandwiches again. Roy can't cope, he has a panic attack and phones the police to report him.


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