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Rosie tries to go to school wearing a temporary tattoo, angering Kevin, but not Sally, as she is distracted. Craig is sporting black nail varnish which sets Tommy off. Tommy tries to talk to Sally about it but she brushes it off. Ken asks Mike to talk to Adam about university. Craig and Rosie meet up after school to get their tongues pierced. Rosie can't go through with it as she faints so Craig is left to face his family alone. Roy apologises to Hayley, but is shaken when he has to tell Vince not to smoke in the cafe. Roy finds Vince's phone in the cafe but doesn't return it straight away. Hayley insists he returns it and Roy's surprised when Vince is pleasant to him. Things are still awkward between Ian and Sally at the garage. He asks her to stay behind and help with the books. He lets things settle between them and lets her go home early though. Mike, Danny and Adam have a long chat in Underworld about university, jobs and the benefits (i.e. women). Candice, Warren, Adam and Sarah all go out for the evening. Tommy and Angela discover Craig's tongue piercing. Sally lets on to Gail about another man fancying her.


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  • The scenes at the tattoo studio were filmed at Affleck's Palace in Manchester city centre.
  • TV Times synopsis: Sally is relieved after Ian assures her that he will never mention his feelings again, but she begins to realise there is a mutual attraction and pours out her woes to Gail.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 12,250,000 viewers (3rd place).
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