Ian continues to tell Sally how he doesn't love Justine and is in love with her. Sally leaves, but doesn't manage to tell Kevin. When she gets home and sees Rosie in full Goth get-up she freaks out and runs off sobbing. She can't now bring herself to talk to Kevin about Ian and Rosie won't forgive her. Jason, waiting for a response from Violet, tells her that he loves her. However she reacts badly to a comment about Todd and slaps him and walks off. Candice and Maria continue to rib Audrey about staying with Fred. Sarah and Adam go on their skating date. Audrey sets things straight with Fred before they sit down for dinner. Vince winds Roy up when he drops off some sandwiches for the builders, and dupes Roy out of a pound by standing on it when Roy drops the change. Sean persuades Violet to take Jason up on his offer. Vince comes to the café for the pound and worries Roy. Kevin and Sally go out for dinner on Ian, but Sally is becoming increasingly upset. Fred seems lonely. Audrey is getting worried and agrees to sleep in Ashley's bed so she can stay with him for the evening. Violet agrees to move in with Jason as he brings her a key stuck on a violet cream sweet.


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