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Janice and Kelly discuss the fight between Karen and Tracy. Hayley remains tight-lipped. However, Tracy informs them that Karen has left for good. Deirdre tells Shelley that Bev is hiding at No.1 and hoping to see her. Shelley sneaks out of the Rovers round to Deirdre's house. Roy's annoyed when a customer called Vince brings his own sandwiches into the cafe. Martin apologises again to Warren for injuring him. They make up. Maria invites Tyrone back to her flat for the evening. Tracy offers Steve her sympathy saying that she'll do anything to help. Steve throws it back in her face. Bev tries her best to get Shelley to see that Charlie is a cheat, a liar and a womaniser. Shelley refuses to listen and tells Bev it's best if they don't see each other again. Upset Bev makes Deirdre promise to keep an eye on Shelley for her. Steve's still in turmoil wondering if he should give Karen another chance. Sarah's appalled to watch Martin and Katy kissing in the pub. Charlie quizzes Shelley as to where she's been but she keeps quiet. Katy disposes of her contraceptive pills and goes to bed with Martin. Steve throws out all of Karen's belongings - including his own wedding ring.


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